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If it has to do with PEOPLE, we cover that

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At I Hate Buying Insurance, we pride ourselves on revolutionizing the insurance experience. As a boutique-style insurance agency, we offer a comprehensive range of insurance products, including health insurance, life insurance, retiree insurance, disability insurance, employee benefits, and critical illness coverage. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our service, from our utilization of the latest technology to our unwavering dedication to old-school values.

What type of insurance do we provide?

  • If it has to do with PEOPLE, we cover that. That includes Life, Health, Disability, Medicare, & more.
  • If you need your stuff insured, you’ll be matched with a vetted professional that specializes in your specific needs.
  • You are not a LEAD that is sold to a dozen or more agents who will pester the “you know what” out of you.

What Makes IHBI Different? 

  • The right insurance for your needs is based on your underwriting factor.
  • The carrier recommended is NOT determined by a contest, quotas, or an exclusive work agreement with one company.
  • IHBI is wildly independent and has access to over 100 companies.
Joe Drawn

The Founder of the “I Hate Buying Insurance Movement“.
Master of Life, Health, Disability, & Medicare solutions.

Why Choose Us

Join Our Family:

At I Hate Buying Insurance, you’re not just another policyholder – you’re part of our family. Our customized solutions ensures that you receive the individualized attention you deserve.

AI + HI Solutions:

We leverage the newest technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiency, without sacrificing HI (human intelligence).

Time Honored Values:

Despite our commitment to innovation, we remain rooted in traditional values such as integrity, honesty, and trust. These principles form the foundation of everything we do, guiding our interactions with clients and shaping our approach to business.

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Meet Our Founder

Joseph Graves, the visionary behind I Hate Buying Insurance, brings over 20 years of experience to the insurance industry. His passion for helping others navigate the complexities of insurance led him to establish our agency, with a singular focus on providing top-notch service and unparalleled support to clients throughout Tennessee.

Joseph Graves

The Founder of the “I Hate Buying Insurance Movement”.
Master of Life, Health, Disability, & Medicare solutions.

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Personal Insurance

Personal insurance offers financial protection for your loved ones and belongings in case of unexpected events.

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Your needs and risks can change over time. Talking to us ensures your coverage aligns with your current situation, potentially eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Health Insurance

Health insurance helps manage medical costs by sharing burdens, offering peace of mind for planned care and unexpected emergencies.

Better insurance. Better Life.

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Experience the future of insurance with I Hate Buying Insurance – where technology meets tradition, and hassle-free service is our promise to you.

I Hate Buying Insurance

“Cutting through the hype & mystery of the insurance industry.”
When an agency is wildly independent, it's easy to say,

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All Insurance Lines are a solution of the respective company(ies) purchased by the client. Joseph Graves, I Hate Buying Insurance, &/or its licensed insurance agents contracted to work with the agency, located at 629 Nickajack Trail, Monteagle, TN 37356, is an independent brokerage, representing dozens of carriers, but is not an insurer of insurance. All legal transactions / actions will be subject to the Laws of the State of Tennessee.

Joseph Graves, I Hate Buying Insurance, &/or its licensed insurance agents contracted to work with the agency, receive compensation based on the premiums for the insurance policies each sells. Further information is available upon request.

Not all products displayed on any company website or marketing piece may not be available in all jurisdictions &/or to all people. Limitations or restrictions may apply. No solutions available in New York. Our application process asks about your lifestyle and health; your answers will determine the best program that you might qualify for. Joseph Graves, I Hate Buying Insurance, &/or its licensed insurance agents contracted to work with the agency, cannot guarantee the issuance of coverage. The complete underwriting process must be complete before a final solution is offered.