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With over 14 years of service to over 5000 people, we’re uniquely qualified to help with: Life, Health, Disability, Medicare, and ALL other “people insurance”.

3 Simple Steps for THE RIGHT Protection

Information Gathering

PHONE TAG! Eeewwwhhh. No one likes phone tag. That’s one of the things people hate most about the insurance shopping process. So in order to address that issue, we created an online calendar that allows YOU to pick when we chat. Schedule Your Interview and you’ll magically fly away to the land of Easy Communication. Ok…. That’s silly…. Being able to pick a time that is good for YOU…. that’s SWEET.


Based on the kind of protection you’re seeking, we’ll put you through the hazing process for “Joining the Family”… OK. It’s not really hazing. Through video, audio, and/or a small amount of reading you’ll learn the needed fundamentals about the protection you are about to buy. Everyone hates the hype, mystery, & B.S. that fills the marketing from the insurance industry. We believe in K.I.S.Sing our clients. Keep It Simple Sweety (No one is going to actually pucker up and kiss you). Our clients love walking away understanding what the heck they actually own. Once the education is done, we’ll use the online calendar to schedule Step 3 – Implementation.

Implementation - Review Your Solution and Enroll

We’ll use the online calendar to set a time for your plan review & enrollment. Notice I said “enrollment” and not your “quote”… Look folks. We’re a family of about a dozen agencies working together. We’re very, very confident that we can’t be beat if we’re comparing like products. We expect to have the best solution and we’ll say, “Welcome to the Family.”

What type of insurance do you offer?

“From Aerospace to Zoos. From Womb to Tomb.” Yeah, we really do cover that. I Hate Buying Insurance (IHBI) is the lead office for The Insurance Mafia – A network of agencies serving nearly every insurance need. A hospital has specialists on each floor. HOWEVER, the heart surgeon doesn’t run down stair to perform a knee surgery just to make a few bucks. We’re all extreme specialists in out field. For example, my own sister owns one of the largest aviation insurance agencies in the county. When you reach out to IHBI, your case will be assigned to the BEST agent to serve your needs. So join the family…. call us today!

What kind of clients do you work with?

Got money??? Oh… Just kidding! Kinda…. You do have to make your monthly/annual premiums, right?? WE WORK WITH people who know that insurance is not a commodity. People that know insurance is a vital part of financial planning.

What makes you different from other agencies?

We pledge to be “violently independent”. Meaning that we let underwriting answer the question, “What is the best option for you?” With over 80 carriers and a network of 8+ offices, there isn’t anything we can’t help with!!

Do you have a referral program?

Well SURE!!! Now, the State has rules as to what we can and cannot do. Reach out and ask what the current program is. You don’t need to be a current client to participate.

Joe will get your insurance coverage done right! He is passionate about helping you get what you need and at a reasonable cost. He also values relationships and will always be available to help you when needed.

Jody Tripp

Joe not only knows the insurance business, but understand business in general, having started several companies. He goes out of his way to get to know people personally and brings a sense of fun to his work.

Maura Ammenheuser

Joe helped me save over 50% on my insurance premiums which allowed me to add much needed accident and critical illness coverage. I recommend Joe and I Hate Buying Insurance to all my friends.

Rachel Albertson

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